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Philosophy Topics
Created On: 10/8/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments (2)

The study of philosophy compliments science and its intuition, as well as the nature of thought. It is an ongoing process that tends to cover the field of inquiry, knowledge, wisdom, human nature, relationships, existence and languages.

Philosophy includes investigation, analysis and expansion of ideas and thoughts at fundamental, generic or abstract level. It emphasizes on reality based values by using different approaches to compliment.

The main areas of philosophy include:

• Existence
• Morality
• Knowledge
• Truth

Philosophy is centered by 3 broad categories:

1.  Religions
2. Beliefs
3. Science


• Definition of truth and its identification.
• What is knowledge? How can we know what we know?
• How to extrapolate an “unknown” and “known” knowledge?
• How can an action be specified as morally right or wrong?
• What are values? And are they relative or absolute?
• How can we define a reality and what makes it “real”?
• Defining space and time nature.
• What is thinking and thought nature?
• Defining beauty and what factors are involved in specification of it?
• What similarities does Hindu philosophy have with Western philosophy?
• Existence of God and free will.
• What is the meaning of life? Is it fate or function of free will?
• Defining intelligence.
• Nature of mind: physical and interactive or non–physical and non-interactive.
• Is time illusion, absolute, subjective or real?
• Defining truth and how can we know it?
• Are cultural philosophies responsible for preserving global unrest?
• Individualism vs. Altruism.
• Are secular social and political sanguinity illusionary?
• Why rich societies study philosophy more than the modern ones?
• Discuss the role of analytic and existentialists philosophers.
• How analytics emphasizes on language and human behavior?
• Does language  help in building reality?


Philosophy Topics

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Posted by: 6/11/2015 7:55:58 PM
Snakey,The answer is a smlpie one.A birth certificate cannot be used as ID because it is a copy. The "original" is written into a ledger by the Registrar. Imagine trying to hire a car with a photocopy of your driving license, or trying to leave (or enter) a country with a photocopy of your passport? Only under extreme conditions (war, natural disaster or civil insurrection) would it be permitted.Slightly related is the reason that FPN's cannot be paid. Under the terms of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, no-one can lawfully pay a copy of a bill. When the copper tears off the FPN from his little pad and you trot off and pay the fine, you have broken the law. The cop keeps the original, the top copy. Only original "bills" can be paid.No-one teaches us this and we illegally pay many millions of 's in fines every year.I haven't read the Registration Act of 1958 either, but I will.CR.

Posted by: 6/13/2015 9:59:49 PM
Hey CR. I am not sure how much FDR stuff you have accessed but Stefan has an exelcelnt introduction to philosophy (several podcasts) if you go back through the archives -- if you're liberty-minded anyway it provides a good articulation of *why* freedom is a morally good thing. He also has a free e-book called universally preferable behaviour, which is worth reading for the philosophical grounding. Sorry if I'm telling you to suck eggs, but I've not had the time to go back through your posts and see what you've accessed yet :-) [url=]iornwvlpf[/url] [link=]cnwjiehz[/link]


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