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American History Topics
Created On: 29/09/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (6)

American history is an enriched subject which is meant to increase the knowledge, achievement and understanding of students. Its primary emphasis is to realize the US traditional history. The US history starts from thousands of years back, the evidences and the cultures are also a part of this US history. The topics of US history offers to its students to write a dissertation or essay on are:


To write diversified essays, here is a list of topics that can enhance the work of students:

• Amalgamation articles and the factors lies behind its failure
• Confinement camps during World War II ( the affect of it on Native Americans)


• Agreement of independence declaration
• Revolutionary War
• Assertion of Paris
• US constitution and formation of Bills of Rights
• The Purchase of Louisiana
• Earth

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Free Journalism Topics
Created On: 01/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (4)

Journalism is the expertise of transmission news broadcast, evocative substance and commentary by means of widening continuum of media. Continuum of media includes magazines, newspapers, television, radio and internet. Journalism is the profession of editing, photography, reporting, writing of news, presenting of news, producers and reporters.

Writing a journalism dissertation can be a very complicated task, especially if a student fails to have a brief research subject. Therefore, the first and foremost step of writing a dissertation is to create a topic on which you want to research. For creating a topic, it is necessary that it should be concise, so that you can easily focus on it.
This article helps students of journalism, mass communication and media sciences to choose a topic of interest. Selecting a topic for your journalism dissertation can be very difficult, therefore this artic

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Archaeology Topics
Created On: 30/09/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (98)

The study of archaeology is about human culture and science. Archaeology is about understanding mankind and its endeavor. It includes:

• Analysis
• Documentation
• Recovery and interpretation of material, non material and environmental changes that undergo with the span of time.
 Initially, archaeology is developed by combining three disciplines history, art history and classics. Today, archaeology is being used in studying the methods, and their theoretical and philosophical foundations.


The essay topics for archaeology must be basic in nature, the ones which require less research work and more theoretical and informative content

 Ancient monument’s excavation
 How urban archaeology and rescue archaeology were developed in the 20th century?
  Importance of topic in archaeology writing
 Importance

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Ways to Win Essay Contest:
Created On: 02/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (11)

Writing contest provokes healthy competition among students. It actually feels awesome when one gets rewarded for his/her writing. Your piece of writing reflects your argument and makes your distint identity. Writing for a contest is different from writing in your diary; one is required to deliver the thoughts in a standard framework, with careful adherence, following the rules and grabbing the reader's attention.

Below are some ways that helps one to win essay contest:

TAKE IT SERIOUSLY: Take your essay contest seriously. Search for brand-new innovations and try to choose topic and write essay on them. Remember, your essay must be creative.

KNOW YOUR SUBJECT, AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE: Consider what type of audiences you are going to face and write what most audiences want to know. You will know about your audiences by

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Philosophy Topics
Created On: 08/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (2)

The study of philosophy compliments science and its intuition, as well as the nature of thought. It is an ongoing process that tends to cover the field of inquiry, knowledge, wisdom, human nature, relationships, existence and languages.

Philosophy includes investigation, analysis and expansion of ideas and thoughts at fundamental, generic or abstract level. It emphasizes on reality based values by using different approaches to compliment.

The main areas of philosophy include:

• Existence
• Morality
• Knowledge
• Truth

Philosophy is centered by 3 broad categories:

1.  Religions
2. Beliefs
3. Science


• Definition of truth and its identification.
• What is knowledge? How can we know what we know?
• How

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Journalism Topics
Created On: 17/10/2009  - in Free Topics  - Comments  (70)
sciences to choose a topic of interest. Selecting a topic for your journalism dissertation or essay can be very difficult, therefore this article recommends topics inside the subject vicinity of journalism, independence of expression, suppression, composition, mass communications, statement and management monitoring and societal networks.

Journalism and Privacy:

•    Though English commandment does not have an exact regulation of confidentiality, does the universal law classification protect the
individual's personal life from journalists?

•    The European conference of Human Rights has setup the idea of proportionality; does English official contemplation and standard implement proportionality towards isolation of the individual and repor
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Short Story Essay
Created On: 03/01/2010  - in Essay Help  - Comments  (271)

Have you ever tried reading a short story? Who hasn’t remembered reading stories in childhood? They are considered to be a crucial part of childhood and many people continue reading them in their old age too. The only aspect which makes the distinction is that, previously they were doing so for their entertainment, but with times they need to read stories to their children or grand children.

Talking about short stories, they are famous and are commonly liked by elders and children. Occasionally, in your academic career, you are required to write essays on short stories. This article provides tips on writing a short story essay to ease the process of writing.

Basically, short story essay is an analysis of the story which unveils the main thought behind it. Sometimes, it’s significant in nature but it mainly aims to project the main points that are touched by the writer of the story.

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